Why E-Scooters Are the Ultimate Last-Mile Solution

Modern, eco-friendly cities try to encourage people to use cars as little as possible. To encourage people use cars less, cities must impose more taxes on cars. They must also provide a good infrastructure for public transportation. However, even in the cities that have the best public transport in the world, people are still faced with a major problem: the last mile solution. No public transportation system will ever be able to get you directly from where you are to your destination. So how can we solve the last mile solution? Well, the answer has been right in front of you for more than 7 years: the E-TWOW ultraportable scooter!

A better understanding of the last mile problem

The last mile problem is inevitable. You may need to walk a few minutes until you get to a means of transport or walk a little when changing different means of transportation. Depending on how big a city is or how developed the public transport system is, you may need to walk a few minutes or half an hour. The last mile solution can be a problem even for people with cars. As parking places become more and more scarce, it becomes increasingly difficult to park next to one’s destination.

How to deal with the last mile?

There are only two viable ways in which you can deal with the last mile. The first option is to walk it. Let’s assume that you are in shape and you enjoy walking. Wouldn’t you much rather use that time to walk in the park at the end of the day, than to walk during rush hour? So, there’s gotta be a better solution to the last mile problem. An adequate solution is an ultra-portable vehicle. The vehicle must be big enough so that you can take it on a means of public transport. Bikes are out of the question because they are too big and heavy and they are not even allowed on many public transport systems. Skateboards are only an option if you are young, fit, and can wear sports attire all the time. The solution that can fit all people is an ultra-portable e-scooter.

Why the E-TWOW scooter is the ultimate last mile solution

Nowadays, are several electric scooters to choose from. Most people must make a compromise between power/range and portability. Commuters dealing with the last mile will always choose portability to the detriment of power and range. But what if you didn’t have to choose?

The E-TWOW scooters pack enough power and range to deal with all the challenges of urban rides. It packs enough torque as scooters that are twice its size. Our scooters kept getting more powerful over the years but we never compromised portability for power. This is why our scooters have the best torque for their weight category. Moreover, they are among the most compact electric scooters on the market. They can fit in any car trunk, or under the seats of the bus, or anywhere on a train. Weighting less than 13 kg, the E-TWOW scooters can easily be transported when climbing stairs or when you get off the bus/train.

The last mile solution or the ideal urban vehicle?

The E-TWOW scooter can adapt and suit the needs of the masses. It is portable enough to be used as a last-mile solution. However, it packs enough power to be used as the only means of urban transport. If your work is within 35 km of your home, you can use the scooter as your main transport solution. It will get you to your destination faster than a bus and as fast as a subway. Once you get to your destination, you can easily carry it to a power source and charge it. It only takes a few hours to charge it.

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